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Why is the BACK SORE?

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That is the question we have to ask when we see our patients. Very often all the examination and  treatment provided tend to be focused mainly on the site of the injury, that is the traditional approach. We usually can identify what structure that is injured, come up with the treatment plan and apply the quick fix if possible. 

Referring back to my previous entry that is what most of my patients want, to get rid of the pain as quickly as possible. 

In vast majority of my patients this is not their FIRST episode of the back pain when they are coming looking for help. This one simply doesn’t want to go away or fails to respond to rest and medication.

That is why it is so important to know that the PROSPORT PHYSIO® concept we use is developed to address the CAUSE not only the site of pain. 

EXPLANATION is the key! Once you know what works too hard in your body, what is not and why this is happening then it all makes sense.

Our role then is to guide you through the step by step progression to achieve your goals and help you live PAIN-FREE!

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