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We are here for you, helping you enjoy your life and with getting back to do things that you can’t do at the moment due to injury, illness or pain. 

We use unique concept developed by physiotherapist Dave O’Sullivan to help you to ease your pain, restore movement, improve your flexibility and performance.

If you would like to find out more about Pro sport Physiotherapy concept that we use please watch Dave himself  talking about his work, concept and the way that we use to help you to recover from the injury, chronic pain and distress. Book Physiotherapist Navan

What we do?

Our step by step system will help you to recover from your injury!


We’ll look back at your history, previous injuries, your current problem and try to make sense why pain is effecting your life.


We will look at the way your body moves to understand what is THE TRUE CAUSE of your problem.


Explanation is a key to the success! If you understand what the problem is that’s the half of the battle won. It is then our role to prepare the step by step plan for you to bring you where you WANT to be and what you want to achieve!   


We’ll use unique hands-on techniques and movements to relieve muscle tension and ease the pain (if appropriate for you)


We guide you through the MOVEMENT PLAN  to achieve the improvement each week and help you to get back to be able to live PAIN FREE again!


When the pain eases we have to build even more RESILIENCE and STRENGTH ! This is the part of the therapy where you are feeling good, nearly back to normal. Having  no PAIN doesn’t mean that your body fully recovered. We need to make an extra push to make sure that you can safely return to your activity or sport feeling safe and give you long lasting result!

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Book in for your initial assessment to find the TRUE STRESSOR and start your journey to LIVE pain FREE!