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What happens when you feel pain or stiffness during exercises, running, stretching?

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Some people claim that we should plough through the pain, no pain no gain etc.

This is not how it works… 

We do want to stress our body, cardiovascular and respiratory system during exercises to make adaptive changes that will help us to get faster, stronger, better with what we do. 

Should you be sore or painful during or after the session? In my opinion if we are realistic, well planned, training is structured and progression made correctly that should be avoided. 

I ask my patients a simple question? Are you preparing for the Olympics? Do you want to win a GOLD medal? We all have different goals, motivations and ways to get there! There is no place for showing off or trying to prove something to others or yourself. The most common reason for the injury is simple TOO MUCH TOO SOON!

It is the job for professionals like S&C coaches, PTs to get you where you want to get but you are the one that have to give them feedback what is happening to your body while you are training. 

You do have to come out of your comfort zone, feel some burn, break some sweat and loose your breath but  it has to be controlled, measured and implemented in the timely manner!

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