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Life is challenging us all the time and we have to adapt to survive. At present this statement is more than 100% true…

Same thing happens with our bodies. Every day we put ourselves through physical, psychological and emotional stresses. There is no time to stop, take time off to allow ourselves to regenerate, unwind and heal. We have to move on because there are other things to do, another deadline to meet, personal best to beat.

Do we listen to our body? Pains, aches and feeling of stiffness are the ways that our body is trying to tell us that there is something wrong, something might be overloaded, injured and stressed.

Easiest way out is to take the painkillers, if over the counter medication doesn’t work next step is booking the visit with your GP and getting stronger meds. Time, medication and the fact that you off load yourself due to the pain helps, problem is gone.


Our body creates compensatory mechanisms that help us to perform again but unfortunately at some stage something else is going to give.
Biomechanical assessment together with knowledge of previous injuries, stresses helps to identify the weak link, the true stressor that started all the changes in the body.

That has to be addressed to ensure that your recovery is full, proper movement patterns restored and resilience built.

And this is what we do!

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