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Ultrasound Therapy Machines are used to treat various muscle and tissue injuries commonly seen by physical therapists. Ultrasound machines have been used in the past in mostly diagnostic imaging applications. Over the past few decades medical science has found uses for ultrasound therapy at much higher intensities for therapeutic applications, including:

  • Pain Reduction
  • Improvement in Range of Motion and Movement
  • Cell Repair and Healing for Musculoskeletal Injuries

Ultrasound Therapy treatments provide multiple therapeutic benefits. Heating and massaging injured muscles and tissues allows better blood flow and reduced swelling. Both are key to rehabbing injuries and aiding in recovery after surgery. Muscles and joints tend to tighten after trauma. This response is good for limiting additional damage but can hinder the natural healing process. Ultrasound waves help by penetrating deeper to heat tissue damage, reduce swelling, and ultimately pain relief. The ability to heat and massage musculoskeletal damage helps in many ways, including:

Improved tissue relaxation and local blood flow (which helps reduce swelling and chronic inflammation)

Therapeutic ultrasound also decreases pain and aids in the breakdown of scar tissue.

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